Rattan Vs. Wicker: Which is Best for Your Backyard

Although they’re often mistaken for being all but identical, the differences between rattan and wicker furniture are surprisingly significant. Particularly when it comes to something as display-oriented and subject to undesirable conditions as patio furniture, any home owner will want to stop and consider the drawbacks and advantages to both.

Wicker can safely be regarded as a ‘style’ of furniture construction, whereas rattan furniture is more appropriately thought of as a base material. Although some parts of rattan palm trees can be incorporated into wicker-style furniture, wicker also can include a much wider array of materials, even extending to ‘artificial’ ones like plastic. As a result, wicker has durability options that may beat out the rattan core weaves.

Perhaps the most significant environmental factor when choosing between the two is simple sunshine. No matter how well made it is, rattan wood-based chairs and tables always will fade over prolonged exposure to the sun, whereas some wicker options will avoid any potential discolorations. ‘Synthetic’ wicker products, such as those using resin wicker, are the clear winners in all weather wicker patio furniture.

However, rattan has its own arguments, primarily centering around sheer aesthetics. If you’re interested in creating a natural theme in home decorating, rattan is one of your top choices for a material that doesn’t cost as much as pine or other hardwoods.

In either case, both rattan and non-rattan wicker furnishings offer an easily-overlooked advantage: extremely light weight. With average chair weights of under ten pounds, but capacities of over two hundred, you don’t need to worry about your patio furniture falling over on a pet or toddler, nor fret over the difficulties of shuffling furniture for spring cleaning. Ordering from a website like Wicker Paradise ensures you can take advantage of free shipping inside the US too.

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