Testosterone Cypionate Injection – A knowhow

Testosterone cypionate is the common medication when it comes to injections. The medication is available in many forms like creams, gels, transdermal patches, and injections. It is available in 200 mg per millimeter and 100 mg per millimeter of androgenic hormone solutions. Depo testosterone is the very popular brand and it is expensive too.

Based on the deficiency and therapy the indications of use are decided. Deficiency may be natural testosterone or endogenous testosterone. It is mainly used in the treatment of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and primary hypogonadism eithey it is congenital or acquired. The injuries of hypothalamus and pituitary glands caused due to tumors, trauma, and radiation can also be treated with this steroid.

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Side effects of using testosterone cypionate injections:

When there is need for boost in testosterone levels in men, testosterone cypionate injections are the commonly recommended therapies. But before starting the dose or before deciding to take this one should clearly understand its effect on the body.

Monitoring the adequate dosage of the steroid testosterone cypionate must be done by a physician. One of the side effects experienced by men is enlargement of breast or gynecomastia. Some may also experience issues related to prostate like prostate cancer or prostate hypertrophy.

If an individual is already suffering from prostate gland cancer or breast cancer then they should avoid this drug. It is better to be avoided by people having serious cardiac conditions, hepatic disease, and renal disease.

Side effects may not be experienced by everyone taking testosterone cypionate injection. The common side effects reported are edema or swelling around the ankles, skin color changes, nausea, and prolonged or frequent erection.

There is chance that testosterone cypionate, the exogenous androgen injections injection may interact with other drugs and medicines which the individual is taking along with this. Mainly one should be careful about oral anticoagulants. If the individual has diabetes then he may experience side effects related to metabolism like more insulin requirements and reduced blood glucose levels. So, before going for TRTs one should explain their medical condition to the physician clearly to avoid severe side effects in future.

One should always understand the dosage of this steroid clearly and the effects that will be caused by this should be discussed with physicians well in advance. The testosterone cypionate injection affects the body in several ways. It affects nervous system and caused depression, headache, anxiety, and decreased libido. It even has urogenital effects. It affects endocrine that leads to variations and duration in frequency of erections. Its integumentary effects can lead to baldness, acne, and seborrhea. Jaundice and nausea are the results of testosterone cypionate’s effects on gastrointestinal system.

Because of its potential misuse and abuse, testosterone is considered as a controlled substance and classified into Schedule III class. One must also use proper needle size when taking testosterone cypionate and it must be injected to intramuscular. The dosage must be decided based on patient’s response to the drug, his age, the disorder for which it is prescribed, and his medical condition.