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September 2, 2016

10 Ways You Can Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Premium

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As a homeowner, you probably have more bills to pay than you’d like to think about. On top of your mortgage payment, you have utilities such as electric, water and gas, as well as maintenance and repairs that pop up and possibly HOA dues, not to mention your homeowners insurance. Being a service you pay for to protect against the unthinkable, homeowners insurance might seem like a less important payment…

7 Must-Change Accessories to Update a Room

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Every room has four walls, a ceiling, floor and some furniture – but it’s what a homeowner uses as home decor that can create a warm, welcoming look that captures your personality. It’s easy to refresh a home’s rooms from season to season with accents that bring a new take on style. When choosing home decorations, try to stick to a general style theme and color palette. This way, pieces…