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March 17, 2016

Rattan Vs. Wicker: Which is Best for Your Backyard

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Although they’re often mistaken for being all but identical, the differences between rattan and wicker furniture are surprisingly significant. Particularly when it comes to something as display-oriented and subject to undesirable conditions as patio furniture, any home owner will want to stop and consider the drawbacks and advantages to both. Wicker can safely be regarded as a ‘style’ of furniture construction, whereas rattan furniture is more appropriately thought of as…

Replacing Furniture Cushions Yourself

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Replacing your own furniture cushions is a simple way to refresh your furniture with new support and a fresh look. Cushions that are made of foam are especially easy to replace, but stuffed cushions can be replaced as well. It is important to preserve the cover so it can be reused or used as a pattern to create a cushion replacement. Measure Carefully The key to successfully replacing your furniture…