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November 7, 2015

How to Make a Mediocre School Great Within a Year

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How to Walk to School via Facebook For home buyers with kids, settling in a good school district is a must, right? Not according to Jacqueline Edelberg. In 2006, when she was deciding where to send her child to school, Edelberg checked out Nettelhorst, the local public option in her Chicago neighborhood. The problem: It was run-down and failing. Most of the students were bused in from outlying low-income areas;…

Why You Should Never Buy the Best House in the Neighborhood

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Dimitri Otis/Getty Images When you’re house hunting, finding an amazing house in your location of choice that doesn’t require much additional investment seems like a huge score. But is it really? Before making an offer on that picture-perfect home, take a look at the surrounding houses. If they’re all in disrepair—or just obviously less nice than the one you’re considering—you might be buying the most expensive house in the neighborhood. Maybe that…